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Interview with mauricio garcia.

Updated: May 2, 2023

Interview with perfumer Mauricio Garcia.

Bramble (California wild rose) was launched in San Francisco on Saturday, April 15, 2023. We would like to express our sincere thanks and respect to Mauricio for publicizing the use of our raw material.

From his interview, he generously gives us the gift of his love. We love his Fragrant blessings!

Thank you very much for your love and appreciation.

Why do you become a perfumer?

I became a perfumer to further refine my craft. Perfumery is a natural extension of many things I love: first and foremost learning from and working with plant beings and their essences; a creative potential as colorful and rich as any other medium; deep research into ecology, biochemistry, botany, evolution, agriculture, mythology, spirituality and the occult; and, certainly not last or least, perfumery’s origin as a bridge between the human and spirit worlds means there is a great deal our species has both learned and forgotten. The exploration of these mysteries is why I make perfume.

Impressions about Rose Road roses.

Gorgeous and stunning! Each one of these Rose Road rose extracts are like faceted jewels glowing with all of the colors and care that have gone into their lives. I have provided my scent impressions of each one below:

Turkish Rose absolute: rich true rose, pink petals, honeyed, soft clove, warm hay, deliciously animalic, buttery texture with a velvety dry down

Turkish Rose otto: bold spring rose, geranium, sunny green leaves, liqueur, peppery, a touch agrestic but not nearly as animalic as the absolute

Moroccan Rose otto: more fresh red rose and liqueur than the Turkish otto, soft greenery, lemon peel, beautifully sweet in the dry down with an elegant touch of powder

What do you do if you go in an unintended direction in the middle of perfume blending?

If it’s a “mistake,” I keep blending—so many interesting and beautiful perfumes have been born of accidents! After recording my assessment of the blend, I compare it to the formula of the previous trial or modification (so many spreadsheets!) in order to understand where and how the shift occurred. If there is potential, the new direction is explored and sometimes a new path and purpose are born. I mean it when I say that I often feel more like a channel for some of these perfumes than a strict formulator. Perfumery is a dance of molecules—lightness and fluidity are often more useful than heavy minds, hands and feet, especially when working with such different personalities.

What do you value when creating a perfume?

I greatly value environmental stewardship and human rights when sourcing essences to work with.I also value a strong personality in a perfume! I think this is another reason why I’m not very interested in mass-consumption products.

What is your character you think ?

What a fun question! I’ve been told I’m like a cat, haha. I am pretty friendly, good at understanding people, and enjoy talking about things that interest me—but my nature is very introverted and dreamy. I like to spend time “alone” in nature or in my studio, listening and learning, imagining and working at potentialities I want to explore.

What perfume would you like to create next?

I think you will like this one! I have been dreaming about an oceanic rose spray with cleansing aromatic herbs for refreshing and purifying energy. There are many of these cleansing waters on the market, but I have not seen a “rose of the ocean” type, and certainly not one that includes herbs used in traditional Mexican practices like Mexican marigold, rue and local sages.

What skills do you think the future perfumers will need?

I believe that all makers need to develop perspective on the impacts of their work on the world—commodification and exotification have been the name of the fragrance game for so long. It is time that we navigate away from industrial manufacturing towards perfumery’s return as a cultural art. According to “The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review” (2021) by Sir Partha Dasgupta, contemporary human industries are consuming 1.6 Earths worth of resources, and the planet’s biodiversity is direly threatened by these actions. We only have 1 Earth. How can those of us who weave these resources together into new things do so in ways that are regenerative for people and the Earth instead of devouring them?

Fragrant blessings!

Aril 26,2023.

CEO,Perfumer: Mauricio Garcia.

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