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Love letter from Founder, Perfumer of MIZU brand.

We work with professionals, and perfumers abroad.

Mr. Mason Hainey, he is an American perfumer and founder of the MIZU brand who creates beautiful perfume, wrote a Love letter ( Statement) about the charm of ROSE ROAD®︎ for Turkish roses.

There are no boundaries in the world of scents, and we feel that beautiful scents over the national borders and love are born.

We hope you read this article and awaken your scent intelligence and love rose.

Thank you for Love letter from the U.S.A.



“ The rose oils from Rose Road are some of the finest smelling Turkish Rose I’ve smelled in my 7 years as a perfumer.

It provides a full expression of a living, garden rose: with a dynamic range of notes that gives us a hint of how much care was taken in growing and creating this oil.

At first wear, I smell a sweet, dewy rose - freshly opened on a cool summer morning.

The scent of soft peachy-pink colors, marbled with steaks of warm honey, soon transforms into a fleeting edge of emerald greens, as if evoking the sensation of thorny leaves and budding roses.

As the scent continues to warm on my skin, a full, sweet rose comes into bloom, dripped with hints spiced-honey notes and sticky, sun-dried apricots.

As hours pass, The sweetness begins to fade and the fragrance of dried rose petals emerges. Antiqued. Faded in the summer sun, with hints of sweet-green and a powdery-like texture. This is my favorite moment of this Rose’s wear.

Rose Road’s Turkish Rose Absolute is truly elegant, full of life and worthy of being worn as a perfume in itself. “

-Mason Hainey

Founder, Perfumer of

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