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Floral Delusion花の妄想

On October 11, 2022, the perfume "Floral delusion" was launched in the U.S.

I got informed by M.Hainey that it was selected as Best of scent 2022 by @idameister for @cafleurebonofficial.

We are very grateful to Mr. M. Hainey, a lover of natural fragrances for having crossed the ocean from Japan, to make this fragrance.

Working with Mr. M. Hainey is witty and guided by intuition.

I haven't actually tried the perfume scent yet, but I imagine it is a wild rose with a more subtle fragrance. I am thrilled by this last big news of the year 2022, and I send my prayers of deep gratitude from Japan.

May the circulation of love increase.

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